What is Synthetic Stucco?

It refers to an exterior (multi-layered) finish that enriches the sculptures and engravings on walls and ceilings. EIFS has been in existence for quite a while.

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However, its popularity is growing at an exponential rate in Miami these days. In addition to mending the damaged parts of building exteriors, synthetic or EIFS stucco can tweak the appearance of the structure. Synthetic stucco, on the other hand, could last for more than 50 years. Also, modern EIFS do well in hot climates. They don’t wither out in the heat. However, you need to pay attention during colder and rainy seasons. A reliable Miami Stucco Company can make appealing EIFS that will stand to hot as well as cold seasons.

Components of Synthetic Stucco

Synthetic or EIFS stucco was used shortly after the Second World War. Contractors found that modern stucco is a better option to fortify damaged structures efficiently. However, the EIFS stucco of those days has undergone drastic changes. Modern EIFS offered by Miami Stucco Company comes in six layers.

The first layer is the water-resistant (optional) barrier. It’s fluid that covers the substrate. The second layer includes the adhesive that attaches and connects the insulation board with the supporting structure. In some cases, mechanical fasteners are used instead of adhesives.

Then we have a foam insulation board, secured to the exterior wall surface of the substrate. The fourth layer includes a base coat. It’s either made out of polymer or acrylic cement material. The base coat is applied to the insulation’s top and then reinforced using the glass fiber enforcement mesh.

This reinforcement mesh stays fixed in the base coat material. Finally, you’ve got a textured coat finish that’s protective as well as decorative.

Benefits of Synthetic Stucco

Now you know the concept of synthetic or EIFS stucco. Plus, you’re familiar with its components and layers. At this point, you’d like to know the advantages of using this synthetic product over the traditional stucco. Here are the popular advantages.


The prime issue associated with traditional stucco is fragility. Conventional stucco sculpts are weak and wear out soon. While you may seek repairs, it’ll only delay the replacement. Sooner or later, you’ll have to replace the sculpture or engraving. In addition to costing money, quick replacements can affect the look and appearance of your structure.

Easy to clean

Cleaning traditional stucco can be a challenging task. If you scrub it abruptly, the engravings could come off. This is more so during harsh climates. If you try to clean the stucco gently, you won’t derive the desired results. To enjoy better results, you’ve to expend too much on high-quality cleaning solutions. As well as costing you dearly, regular cleaning could eat plenty of time.

Synthetic stucco, however, is fairly easy to clean. You don’t have to buy a costly solution for the job. Rather, you can make a cleaning solution at home. Mix one cup bleach, two cups of trisodium phosphate in one cup of warm water. Apply the solution using spray or brush. Allow the solution to soak in for about 15 minutes. Gently scrub the problem area using a soft brush. Finally, rinse the area. Within no time, the stucco should be free of dirt, debris, and other elements.

Moisture resistant

Traditional stucco is susceptible to water damages. During the rainy season, your engravings could incur substantial damages. If the damages are immense, you’ll have to replace them. You could lose a lovely sculpture due to wet conditions.

Synthetic stucco is water-resistant. It has the ability to hold any amount of moisture away from the inner part of your home. That keeps your engravings and sculptures protected from possible water damages.


EIFS stucco could be mixed to make the exact color and hue you’d like your house to be. When contrasted with a different color, modern stucco looks simply great. You may beautify your shutters, garages, doors, as well as other exterior accents. The situation could be even better with Miami Stucco Company.

You have the option to choose from shapes, finishes, textures, and other details to make the siding look as you envision. Above all, synthetic stucco is highly flexible. You can add exterior ornaments and other accents to your house, which isn’t an option with other siding finishes.

Warranty and support

The only downside of synthetic stucco is it comes with a higher price tag. If you’ve got a slim budget, it may keep you from choosing modern stucco. Rather, you may be forced to go for a low-priced, unappealing option. However, Miami Stucco Company offers cost-effective EIFS options.

Without hurting your finances, you can choose textures and finishes that match your home exterior. Even better, you enjoy an extended warranty on EIFS. If you face any issue with the sculpture, contact the company. You may expect the problem to get fixed quickly. For that, you don’t have to shell out anything.

Valuable tips

Synthetic stucco ordered from a reliable Miami Stucco Company comes with other perks too. The professionals at the service tender valuable tips on the upkeep of the stucco. By following those tips, you may enjoy the companionship of the stucco for years uninterruptedly.

Finishing thoughts

Synthetic stucco rules the hearts of modern homeowners. Durability, elegance, moisture-resistance, warranty, ease of cleaning and maintenance, etc. are the main perks of EIFS stucco offered by Miami Stucco Company. Many residents are harvesting these diverse benefits and you could be next. Just get in touch with us and we promise you’ll enjoy the best.

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