What do we Mean by Stucco Inspection?

Stucco is exterior type plaster that is applied similar to coating directly into wooden frame structures or masonry. The materials that have been contained in stucco are, binder and water. 

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Typically, this gets applied wet and also toughens gradually to a dense solid-state. A lot of individuals also use this as sliding materials because of their durability and attractiveness being relatively low-maintenance finish for exterior. 

The stucco inspection has been among the series of inspection and test analyses that get performed on the exterior and interior surfaces of your house for determining the levels of moisture. Such tests also include using moisture reading with special equipment for use on surfaces of the house. 

Because of stucco permeability, it is vital to have proper installation. As part of a house inspection, little details such as expansion joints, weep screeds, door and window joints, head flashings, and the kick-out flashings are inspected visually. 

However, a lot of details like drainage plains, door and window flashings along moisture barriers behind stucco must also be looked upon.

As, to comprehensively assess the system performance, the interior wall behind wood veneer/stucco and brick need to be tested through a certified house inspector. 

Why Stucco Inspection is Required from Miami Stucco Company

With even minor issues inside a stucco house owners can bear thousands of dollars for repair and maintenance. So, if you’ve got any building with wall cladding of stucco, it is highly recommended to get in touch with the stucco inspection professionals from Miami Stucco Company. They are EDI-certified professionals and make sure that the inspection process is done with the most professional standards and is free of any flaws. 

Different Inspections levels provided by Miami Stucco Company

Normally, the inspection process gets divided into three distinguishing levels that are:

Identification of First Level-Sliding

Such phase has visual identification of stucco sliding type in the house as well as different conditions that appear like prospective glitches to the process of inspection. A few concerning details of sliding faults or oversights present problems, for instance, are conditions creating moisture intrusion, that people take into consideration. However, the phrase doesn’t dwell a lot on sidings that are installed improperly with penetration of moisture. 

Non-invasive Second Level Inspection

In this phase, the primary focus of Miami Stucco Company is to get proper visual identification of the exterior side for identification of any physically damaged spots with improper installation. At the level of inspection, the entailed process includes:

  • Door and window frames
  • Visible and Flashing edges
  • Siding penetrations: Utility systems, hose bibs, electrical, wires, plumbing fixtures, with other concerning areas.

The inspection has been aimed at detailing deficiencies that are detected for installation and the damage extent in the sidings of stucco. A lot more non-invasive assessment is meant for moisture penetration gets performed through specialized equipment, for example, infrared technology, that helps in the detection of temperature variations on the surface as an outcome of the trapped moisture present beneath stucco cladding. 

Third level – Invasive Inspection

The phase also includes a visual assessment with penetration of the siding in different areas that are identified like having moisture through the use of specialized probes for contacting the substrate. Recording the moisture meter readings would also have to be critical for authenticating all the information that has been collected in previous steps. 

For precisely and properly obtaining the readings of the moisture meter, the two-quarter inches holes get drilled in stucco finished in spots that are suspected or have elevated levels of moisture. After photographs and readings are taken, these holes then get sealed through the use of caulking material for the protection of holes through further damage. 

Benefits of getting inspection through Miami Stucco Company

As the Stucco is widely considered as an attractive and durable exterior finish, when maintained in a proper manner, it can easily stand the time test and become a lot more appealing. However, it would be impossible to virtually determine the damage level to wood that sheaths under stucco being devoid of the precise moisture probe testing. Successful stucco inspection benefits have been performed, as a homeowner in a lot of ways:

You get a lot of Peace of Mind – Once you conduct a thorough inspection of your house, you’re availing Moisture Free Warranty helping in easing concerns related to prospective buyers of your house while you sell the stucco house. 

The buyers get guaranteed that the house is moisture free and remains worth the value spent. This substantially reduces the period that your house is on market by around 50%. 

Excessive Repairs aren’t Required – With the Miami Stucco Company inspection for stucco, you can easily find out necessary repairs for performing and can easily avoid getting involved in any unnecessary repairs that bear a lot of costs. With the professional inspectors from the Miami Stucco Company you can understand all necessary modifications that are needed, and they also suggest you approx. costs required for the repairs. 

Minimal Cost of Maintenance – After stucco inspection gets conducted in the house, you can be saved from any costly damages that aren’t detected. Moreover, you also get protected from incurring huge future maintenance costs. 

The Miami Stucco Company is among the leading specialist service provider aimed at identifying issues related to stucco. The homeowners along with real estate professionals alike are understanding what they’re dealing with and how they can address the provided situation with the best economical solutions. 

Whether your requirement is for a stucco test or you’ve already got the reports or require solution guidance, the Specialists for Stucco Testing are there for helping.

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