What is Residential Stucco?

Stucco is a material that is composed of cement, sand, and lime blended in a certain proportion to apply on the exterior as well as interior walls of any building, residential, or commercial. 

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Residential stucco is applied on the exterior walls of the houses to install quality siding on them. Stucco is the most commonly used building material on the exterior walls in the form of plaster.

Reasons to Use Stucco

Reasons to use stucco
Residential stucco can be used on the exterior walls of residential buildings due to various reasons like:

Sturdiness: When used on exterior surfaces stucco works as a strong coverage to protect the walls from the impact of bumps and scratches as it cannot break like an eggshell. Unlike cement plaster and concrete, it may not need to be repaired very frequently. But if you use a hammer to make a hole in it then it can need repairs as soon as possible.

Consistency: Stucco ensures the reliability of the coverage on the exterior walls for many years after applying it once. Being a strong material, it provides a flexible but long-lasting cure to any kind of surface when it is applied to the entire surface.

Multiple colors: If you want to change the color of the exterior walls of your home then you can also choose from the colored stucco available in the market. Though you can also mix the color of your choice in the basic stucco it is better to choose from pre-mixed stucco options as preparing your own mixture can not only increase the cost but also affect its integrity and heat resistance. Yet, you can change the color of your exterior by using the residential stucco of your choice.

Water and heat resistance: The layer of residential stucco can make the exterior walls of your home resistant to weather conditions as it makes them resistant to heat by deflecting the sun rays but it does not absorb heat. It also saves your walls from water during the fall. Moreover, you need not find various types of materials and contractors to make your walls energy-efficient and water-resistant as only one material and contractor can serve your purpose in a very affordable manner.

Ease of maintenance: It is very easy to maintain and clean the walls with stucco as you can wash away the dirt and debris from it just by using a hose or a mixture of soap and lukewarm water due to its water-resistant nature. On the other hand, it is easy to maintain for as long as it does not repair very frequently. But if any crack is observed then you should repair it instantly to avoid its spreading. 

Stucco services provided by Miami Stucco Company

Miami Stucco Company offers a wide variety of stucco services for commercial as well as residential buildings in Miami and its surrounding cities. So, if you are planning to apply stucco on the exterior walls of your home then you should contact them for residential stucco services as soon as possible instead of wasting your money and time.

When you will call on them then their team of professionals will visit your site to provide you information about the stuccoing services required by your home so that you can make the right decision.

Other services provided by Miami Stucco Company
They can add value to your property by providing stucco services for your existing or new residential and commercial buildings. Along with stuccoing your building they can also restore your building from the damages caused by water, fire, and smoke. They specialize in restoring back your commercial or residential property to its earlier condition by removing its damaged parts.

Reasons to choose Miami Stucco Company

You can contact Miami Stucco Company to apply stucco on the exterior concrete walls of any commercial and residential building including homes, and hotels, etc. due to the following reasons.

Reasonable price: They provide you fast and satisfying services at the best price as compared to their competitors. They meet the requirements of their clients by providing high-quality services at the lowest rates by using the latest technologies.

Experience: The professional team of Miami stucco company providing stuccoing services for residential as well as commercial clients for more than a decade. They use the latest techniques along with the experience to provide the best services to their clients in Miami and nearby areas.

Knowledge: They have knowledge of all the methods, materials, and tools used in the field of providing residential stucco services.

Insurance: You can feel free by hiring the stuccoing services of the Miami stucco company as they are fully insured. In case of any mishap, while working on your project, you need not bear any additional cost.

License: They are licensed by the competent authorities to provide stuccoing service to the residents and business owners in Miami and its surrounding areas.

Thus, you can rely on Miami Stucco Company for installing residential stucco on the exterior walls of your home whether you are renovating your existing home or constructing a new one. Their main aim is to satisfy their customers by providing them the services of the best quality at any stage of the construction of residential properties. They are in this trade because of their priority to satisfy their customers confidently.

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