What is Elastomeric Stucco?

Elastomeric stucco is the stucco coated with a layer of elastomeric paint containing acrylic and latex. This paint can provide additional resistance and strength to the stucco from the damages caused by weather changes. 

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Though the life expectancy of stucco can be nearly 100 years if it is left unfinished for a long time then it can damage with time. The coating of elastomeric paint will protect the building from the damages caused by the cracks in the stucco. This paint prevents the entry of wind and moisture into the cracks by spreading over them.

Benefits of Elastomeric Stucco

Improve density: Elastomeric paint on the masonry stucco can increase the density of the protection layer on the exterior wall of your building. The layer of this paint is nearly 8-10 times thicker than the layer of normal paints. You can feel this difference by touching them after they are completely dry.

Waterproof: Though stucco itself can resist water effectively the coating of elastomeric stucco can make the entire coating more resistant to water. Water cannot intrude into the walls when elastomeric paint is coated on the layer of unfinished stucco.

Flexibility: The layer of this paint is flexible enough to cover the gaps caused by any movement on the surface on which it is used. It stretches over the cracks on the stucco due to weather changes as it is made from stretchy materials.

Endurance: A coat of elastomeric paint also provides an enduring strength to the stucco applied on the exterior walls of your building. It can cover the entire surface to make it last longer than its usual life expectancy.

Elastomeric stucco service provided by Miami Stucco Company

The changes in temperature can contract and expand the masonry surfaces like stucco. These contractions and expansion in the stucco can cause cracks in it which in turn can deteriorate due to retention of water in it. Such things can be harmful not only for the stucco but also for the integrity of the entire building if the stucco is not maintained properly and leaks and cracks in it are not noticed well in time.

When you contact Miami Stucco Company for repairing the cracks and leaks in the stucco on the exterior walls of your building then they will apply a coat of elastomeric stucco to provide coverage over the cracks on the stucco and prevent the entry of moisture in them. The coat of elastomeric paint on the stucco will also make your wall resistant to dirt and debris so that it can be cleaned more easily.

Preparation: In order to ensure proper bonding between the surface of stucco and the elastomeric paint Miami stucco company prepares the surface by power washing it with the solution of water and bleach to remove dirt as well as mildew and mold from it and allow it to dry. They also use silicone caulk or acrylic calk to seal the cracks larger than 1/16 inch in the stucco.

Application: After preparing the surface they use a sprayer or roller with a long nap to apply the two coatings of elastomeric paint on it, as per the standards of the industry.

Repair: Though the life of your exterior walls can improve just by applying the stucco properly it can be made more long-lasting by making it elastomeric stucco by applying a coat of elastomeric paint. But before applying the second coat of elastomeric paint they use a putty knife or blade to remove the damaged areas and tears occurring on the coated surface and seal them by applying silicone or acrylic caulk on the entire surface. Then they will apply the second coat of elastomeric paint on the entire surface and finish its edges by using a putty knife or a wide brush. After completing the repairs they allow the paint to dry completely.

Reasons to choose Miami Stucco Company

You should choose Miami stucco company for applying the coatings of elastomeric stucco as being a full-service company they not only provide stucco application services but also all types of painting services on the exterior and interior walls of your property.

High-quality products: They improve the looks and durability of your building by using products of the highest quality. They guarantee to satisfy their customers through their services.

Value for money: They can improve the value of your property by renovating it as per your requirements and within your budget and timeframe. They care for the time of their client and for that reason they finish their task as soon as possible without compromising the quality of their services.

Trustworthy service: They focus on making their customers more confident about their services. They try to complete any project within the budget and timeframe of their clients. 

So, if you are planning to apply elastomeric stucco on the exterior walls of your property in Miami or its surrounding areas then you should contact Miami Stucco Company any time to discuss your requirements and get free quotes.

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