Introduction with Stucco

A kind of cement is called Stucco as it looks more like the plaster on the walls due to its appearance and texture. The method of application and consistency of stucco also resembles the cement-based plaster.

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Features of stucco through the texture and application on different types of surface make stucco look like plaster but unlike plaster, it is resistant to temperature and water. Moreover, stucco is a very affordable insulator, resistant to glare, and an effective deflector of heat. Though it cannot absorb much of the heat its use has increased during the last few years due to its temperate and cold effect when it is combined with a few modern insulation technologies and formulae.

Standard building codes for using stucco

The standard building codes in almost all the states of the US for the use of commercial stucco on the exterior and interior walls are the same. In some cases, as compared to other materials, the fractures, chips, or cracks in stucco are less alarming due to the nature and consistency of this material and the way it can be repaired. However, whether you use it for finishing exterior surfaces or interior surfaces the same code will be applicable. But to be safe, before using commercial stucco in any state of the US, you must know about the local standard codes in this regard from the local authorities as there can be some difference in these codes from state to state.

Benefits of using stucco

The use of commercial stucco offers a number of benefits like:

Continuous structure: Once you have applied stucco on the exterior or/and interior of your building, you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. It cures any kind of surface like a shell of solid material as it forms a flexible coating by spreading on the surface like cement plaster.

Sturdy texture: Stucco is not broken easily like the shell of an egg as on inside surfaces it can bear mild impacts like scuffs and bumps and may not need repairs more frequently as required by the concrete and cement plastered surfaces. However, it can usually be damaged by making holes or using a hammer on it.

Heat and water resistant: Unlike plaster commercial stucco is resistant to heat/cold and water. While applying it to the exteriors and interiors with the same ease, you need no other type of materials to ensure safety from water and energy. Furthermore, it can help in reducing the cost of its application as a single contractor can complete the task. You need not hire different contractors for applying different types of materials. 

Colorful options: You can improve the looks of your exterior and interior surfaces by adding color to the base stucco or apply paint on it to give it the finish of acrylic paint. You can also find stucco mixed with various types of colors. So while choosing a color for your exterior or interior walls you can choose from the premixed colored stucco as mixing color yourself can increase its cost along with affecting its heat deflecting feature and the integrity of the material.

Easy maintenance and cleaning: Commercial stucco can ensure resistance to water as it maintains the paint and finish of the wall for a long time. You will have to remediate the coat of stucco as soon as possible if it cracks with time. Moreover, it can be cleaned easily to maintain its looks by using lukewarm water and soap or just by hosing it down. You can gently remove the debris and dirt from it by using a brush with soft hair or a sponge instead of using a pressure washer or harsh materials.

Drawbacks of using stucco

Everything that has some advantages usually has some disadvantages also. Some of the drawbacks of commercial stucco may include:

Like other materials used to finish walls, stucco also gets fatigued with time. It can damage with time. So you will have to repair it as soon as possible to ensure the energy and water safety of your building. While repairing it you will have to apply commercial stucco from the scratch after removing its damaged layer completely and using insulation and sheathing.

It can cause damage to the building due to leakage of water as it is not a modular unit like siding or bricks. Though it is popularly used in areas with a hot climate as it can resist and deflect the heat of the sun but it cannot absorb the heat. So, you may need to take additional measures to insulate your property if you live in a region where stucco can become cold for a long time.

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