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Many residential and commercial property owners in Hollywood want stucco installed on their property to enhance its appearance.

In some cases, the stucco may be installed to cover up the bricks, metal on the walls and in other cases, the stucco may be installed as part of the design of the property. Hence the property owner should hire the services of Miami Stucco Company which is widely regarded as one of the most reputed stucco companies in Hollywood, having installed stucco on many properties. It is also involved in the stucco maintenance for a large number of Florida properties. Our Stucco Company specializes in installation of different kinds of stucco based on their client requirement. The Stucco Contractor has installed cement stucco systems for many homes. 

Hollywood Stucco

These systems install three layers of cement over the wire. We have also installed Commercial Stucco for shops, offices, restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, resorts, and other commercial properties. Increasingly property owners are opting for synthetic stucco which is called the exterior insulation finish system (EIFS). This stucco is similar to cement stucco in appearance, however, it has an acrylic or synthetic material finish so that it lasts for a longer time. Like any material which is located on the exteriors of the house, the stucco will also get dirty and damaged over a period of time since it is exposed to rainfall, dirt, sunlight, pests, and other debris. Soil conditions and lack of proper drainage can also affect the stucco. Hence it is important to schedule a Stucco Inspection regularly to extend its life and ensure that it is in proper condition. Before inspecting the stucco, we will first arrange to clean the stucco surface thoroughly to remove any dirt, bird, pest droppings, or debris which may be accumulated. Mold, plants, and fungus which may be formed on the stucco will also be removed. Our well trained and experienced inspector will closely examine the stucco surfaces, to check for cracks, holes or water damage. We have the latest equipment to assess the condition of the stucco and detect even the smallest cracks. Then based on the requirement of the property owner, Stucco Repair will be carried out, to restore the stucco to its original condition. In some cases due to problems with the plumbing, sewage lines, or water leakage from the roof, the stucco may be getting repaired. So in this case, the inspector will indicate the cause of the damage, so that the plumbing or roof is fixed, before doing the stucco repair. In a few cases, fire and hot weather can also damage the stucco of the property. In this case, our experienced staff will restore the stucco. Heavy rainfall and storms can damage the stucco since water can wash away the stucco. To avoid this problem, increasingly property owners are opting to get their stucco waterproofed. This will greatly extend the life of the stucco, and reduce the repairs which are required. Our skilled staff is licensed and well trained, so property owners can be assured of high quality, reliable services. 

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