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Any private or commercial space with a stucco needs regular maintenance and repairs and with the right approach you can make your place lasting well for years.

If you’re suddenly noticing moisture seeping through walls, it means that the damage in your stucco has begun – leading to deterioration through crack forming. 

To save you from further trouble, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals from Miami Stucco Company in Hialeah, FL!

They specialize in important stucco tasks such as inspection and repair and the professional team is well prepared for addressing any stucco related issues. 

With Miami Stucco Company homeowners can expect Real Estate Inspections (REI) providing Certified Stucco Inspections along with Moisture Testing for Stucco and inspections for Moisture intrusion on buildings and houses cladded with hardcoated stucco.

Miami Stucco Company is certified company and it performs inspections accordingly with the latest practice standards of EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) and Exterior Design Institute (EDI). 

Backed with numerous years of expertise professional repairmen from the company know where to search and what they must search for. They pinpoint moisture content in it’s underlying substrate. Further homeowners get reports for inspections with moisture mapping, infrared imaging, photos and recommendations for remediation. 

Why Miami Stucco Company Stands out From the Rest

A lot of contractors in Hialeah, FL claim that they’re the professionals when it comes to repairs related to stucco, but a lot of them perform only a few repairs. We’re professionally performing with a lot of repairs annually. 

Our professional certified staff has been backing us since long and their field experience is what makes them different from the rest. The company professionals treat each site like it’s their own house and work till the customer gets satisfied from the outcomes. 

Also, all equipment, products and tools used by Miami Stucco Company, Hialeah, FL are superior quality and ensure that the job is done without creating any issues. With the premium quality services and a professional approach to everything, customers can surely refer the services of Miami Stucco Company to their family and friends in Haileah, FL to address any stucco related issue with satisfaction. 

Common Stucco Repairs from Miami Stucco Company

Let’s discuss about different cracks that are common in households and commercial stucco sites:

Hairline: This is often noticeable in new houses because of shifting with other processes.

Defined Patterns: The horizontal or vertical cracks mean that lath wasn’t nailed or stapled in a proper manner. 

Foam Rim Cracks: Often seen with two foam intersection typically from contraction and expansion. When mesh tape gets used from covering seams this often doesn’t occur. 

Spiderweb: Base coat might dry quickly. Other reasons can be including right mixing procedure or it was cold on application. 

Diagonal: The crack typically is a result of settling, shifting, or vibrations stemming through a certain area (e.g. diagonal crack through doorframe).

What do you Mean by Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair is generally re-sealing stucco around windows, joints and flashing, or removal of damaged stucco or certain chunks while replacing the site with new stucco. When compared to the fixture of stucco remediation where the siding gets replaced and removed, repair can be said more like a quick fix. 

Repairs would cost little compared to remediation in Hialeah, FL, but danger in opting for repair compared to remediation would be hat you won’t be able to locate most damaged sites and as the underlying issue isn’t getting fixed – improper installation – homeowners have more chances of developing issues with additional repair costs over the course of few months. 

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